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    Mobilizing young professionals

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Who We Are

We are Christ-centered Non-profit, non-denominational mission organization committed to working with Christian professionals for the transformation of Africa, We also seek to harness the resources of Christian professionals as we see them as critical missionary agents, We believe in the priesthood of every believer, by extension professionals as missionaries in their places of work.

Our Vision


Our Mission

We are committed to the transformation of Africa, working with Christian professionals through research, mobilization, discipleship, re-orientation and training of professionals that will affect the unreached peoples of Africa.- Our desire is to raise an army of professionals with competence and value, armed with tools through training and mobilization to reach out through all aspects of holistic program to African Nations.

Our Objectives

1. To propagate the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ
2.To research into the needs in Africa.

3.To carry out anti-corruption campaigns towards effective market-place ministry.
4.To Mobilize Christian professionals to reach the unreached in Africa.

5. To train professionals towards effective mission in Africa through the Professional Mission Institute
6.To Mobilize young professionals and re-orient them to become missionaries.

7.To resource professional missions and outreaches in Africa with books,tracts and other materials
8.To mobilize African professionals in diaspora to make input in African Missions


Our long-term desire is to serve the mission agencies and Nigeria Mission Movements in terms of organizing volunteer service of professionals to different African countries from Nigeria, while we seek young professionals and others who can come to serve mission agencies with their profession in Nigeria. We hope to work with institutions and Christian universities who can partner with us to send professionals on a six-months or one-year practical services in African countries of specialized fields like Medicine, Engineering, Agriculture, Education, Vetenary medicine, and Business etc.


We have done major summit in Warri , Abuja , Jos , Kogi state university, and others in first baptist church Warri, and several mobilisations to different meetings to make professionals see their work as a missionary assignment more than 300 persons have attended our summits in Warri and in Abuja 150 persons and in Jos 120 persons


Professionals’ missions institute runs training to equip professionals especially young professionals on strategic tent making training we also do training in partnership with professional group, we partner with Christ-centered education do regular trainings for teachers and proprietors we also continue as a faculty for the institute of medical missions to do trainings for medical students we do two weeks intensive training every year for professionals since 2017. Two sets of students had been trained and a total of 18 students had gone through Two Major training apart of from more than 40 persons who participated in the trainings and learnt in some of the courses


We collaborate for regular outreaches and since 2016, we have continued to join in African outreaches but we have conducted major outreaches at Ogume , Ojobo, Niger Republic and in collaboration with others for outreach Gambia last year.