Working with Christian Professional to Transform Africa




We are Christ-centered, non-profit, non-denominational mission, commited to working with christians professionals for the transformation of Africa.

We seek to harness the resources of Christian professionals and see them as critical missionary agents.

We believe in the priesthood of every beleiver and the professionals’ extension of the Kingdom in their work places as missionaries.


To be a movement of Passionate and Innovative Professionals, Commited to the Wholistic Transformation of Africa


We are commited to the transformation of Africa, working with Christian professionals through research, mobilization, discipleship, re-orientation and training of professionals who will affect the unreached people of Africa


Our desire is to raise an army of professionals with competence and value, armed with toools through training and mobilization to reach out, through all aspects of holistic programs, to African Nations.


  1. To propagate the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ
  2. To research into the needs and opportunities in Africa
  3. To mobilize Christianprofesionals to reach the unreached in Africa
  4. To carry out anti-corruption campaigns towards effective market-place ministry
  5. To mobilize young professionals and re-orientate those to be missionaries through their profession, as well as mobilize for outreaches to African countries
  6. To train professionals towards effective mission in Africa through the Profesional Mission Institute
  7. To resource professional mission and outreaches in Africa with books, tracts and other materials.
  8. To mobilize african professionals in Diaspora for input in Africa missions.